Thursday, December 12, 2013

postheadericon Messing-Up her Sleep

I thought she can already sleep from 8 pm until morning but she woke-up at 11:30 P.M. and until then she did not sleep anymore until this time. Time check: 3:01 A.M. and she is still up. I wanted to sleep but I just cannot, to the point that I don't want to just leave her alone just like that. I sleep next to her crib, by the way. Of course, I turned-off the lights. She cried, I tried to show a tough love. I pretended to sleep, turned my back on her (and even so she could see me and hoped she imitated but lo and behold, it did not happen. To my surprise, my husband awoke and comfort her daughter, and left one light open (aside from some light outside which got out from our window blinds).

And that was where the story begin. The story why she is still up until now. I still have find ways and means or try to understand why she has not back to sleep yet. Ooh life of a first time mom and no other reliever as a helping hand (literally). My DH has to work so that's understandable that he cannot help me that much, or that needed ones. Ooh well.

For now, I give her a break. I let her watch a Einstein lullaby songs in the iPad (No, she has not have it on her hand but some three meters away, it's like a small TV) so it would somehow calm her mind and sleep right after this. Wish me luck then. Thanks for the good luck. *wink*


postheadericon Prevent Stretch Marks

Although, I have stretch marks out from having my baby during pregnancy, but the brighter side is, you can prevent unsightly stretch marks while pregnant. Try to keep your weight stable (as to pregnancy weight, not our pre-pregnancy weight) since stretch marks appear when the skin can’t adjust to the weight gain. Keep your skin moist and supple. Break or open a vitamin E and a vitamin A capsule and mix both with a teaspoon of vegetable shortening. Massage it all over the tummy area at night. Try to make it a nightly ritual. Take vitamin K as a supplement, or if your doctor doesn’t feel comfortable with supplements, add it to your moisturizer. Use it in the morning, or alternate it with the above treatment. There are new treatments which are available over the counter that flattens out the ridges of stretch marks. So if a few stretch marks have popped up, give it a try. After delivery, don’t be too hard on yourself in getting your body back. Your body won’t look like it did before pregnancy. Even when delivery is free complication, it takes at least six months for the body to recover.

postheadericon Life as to Optimism

Life is filled with many complicated pathways that one must follow. The decisions individuals make when faced with complex choices can ultimately lead to serious consequences depending on the choices that are made. These pathways have no age limits. However, decisions made by teenagers can follow them for the rest of their lives and choices made by adults can affect even the smallest children. There are many individuals working in the world today to help individuals of all ages find their way in life that will allow them to experience positive outcomes.

For example, Ed Young, a founder and senior pastor of Fellowship Church has found a tactful way of simplifying some of life’s most complex situations so people of all ages can understand what they are being faced with and where their choices can lead them. Ed Young and other Christian based individuals have found ways to reach out to people throughout the United States without having to leave their own communities. With the use of modern day technology these individuals are using the internet to broadcast their messages via social media sites such as FaceBook and YouTube.

Individuals such as Ed Young have the knowledge and ability to put into words what may otherwise be hard for some people to comprehend. While not everyone has a way of positively conveying their messages out loud, Ed Young and other inspirational people are able to write books, create online blogs, and conduct seminars to get the important messages out there that can give others the right direction that they may not otherwise understand is available to them. Their supportive mannerisms are encouraging for those that feel they may be alone in life or that fear retribution for doing what they feel is the right path for them to take.

Many parents have turned to the messages that are offered by Ed Young and other inspirational individuals in the world to help with the challenging situations they can find themselves in with their children. Having resources available on YouTube and other online sites puts a face behind messages that may otherwise be viewed as empty words. Parents can use these videos to help teach children and teenagers the importance of doing what is right in life. Messages pertaining to respecting parents and others, avoiding peer pressures, and leading a Godly lifestyle are all available through videos that have been made.

Ed Young and other online motivational experts do not work with just parents. These individuals are a powerful source when trying to reach those that feel isolated in life. Whether the individual is facing tough situations such as financial problems, marital issues, addiction, or feelings of failure they can tune into the online videos or find books that are filled with inspirational messages that target their specific situations in life. Having a way to find positive focus when problems can create a blurred outlook is the first step that people must take to find a solution for leading a happier and more enjoyable life.

Many of the resources that are available by Ed Young and other inspiration individuals are offered online, in local bookstores, and through specialty media retail centers around the country. You will find contact information in many of these individuals’ products that give you the ability to reach them for a more in depth learning experience.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

postheadericon She Learns to Climb the Crib

My little tot is always on the go now. She likes the outdoor but it's cold season now so we can't be outside most of the time, unless if there's a sun. Kids can be tired of staying at home all day so I have to make sure she explore every corner of our house or give something that makes her busy.. If I have something to do in the kitchen, and she is not taking her nap, I usually put her in the crib with her favorite toys or most of the time, her iPad. But lately, I do not trust her alone in the crib. She learned how to climb on it. She find her way on how to be out of the crib. Okay, not that so because her crib is high. Only if the crib rail is un-up, which of course I have to make is up unless sometimes if she's asleep. If she's bored and want to go out on her crib, she yelled, or bites the crib.

Fortunately, her crib is non-lead paint and a crib rail with bars are not enough for her body and head to get out. It also has a firm and flat mattress that fits snugly into the corners. And besides, I put pillows as bumpers, but later I removed it for she begins to pull herself up by holding the crib rails. Whew! What a smart kid. :-)


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